Our Mission

We develop new concept solutions for remote monitoring and tele-medicine, applied to performance improvement for elite athletes. These solutions aim at closing the gap between technological innovation in consumer-grade health gadgets and their utilization by sports and medical professionals.

In particular, our mission is to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate concept for remote health monitoring of elite athletes during heavy training activity.
  • Aim at injury and un-diagnosed condition prevention or correction (such as heart attack, exhaustion, improper nutrition, etc.)
  • Develop individualized training program aimed at improving baseline performance for each athlete, given their genetic profile and physiology (by detecting specific phenotype such as anaerobic vs aerobic preference)
  • Discover patterns of physiological synchronization across rowers in same boat, engaged in synchronous motion (stroke), and identify decay of those patterns due to athlete's exhaustion or possible injury. 
  • Identify optimal training regiment that enhances anaerobic phase adaptation, faster initial switch to aerobic phase and delayed lactate accumulation (and increased tolerance to its elevated levels). Establish if heart rate variability is correlated with VO2 max and anaerobic threshold, and could serve as a suitable surrogate measurement during in-boat training.
  • Discover correlation between nutrition and performance, and identify individualized nutrition schedule for each athlete
  • Identify adverse events that decrease performance (such as lack of sleep, excess stress, etc.). Also identify mental state issues specifically affecting competition performance, and their management strategy using bio-feedback (controlled breathing, etc.)